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17/04/2012 § Leave a comment

After more than a year of posting to this site, I have decided to make a dramatic change. I have noticed that my posts tend to fall into two categories – quite personal and reflective, like this one about my dream, this one on addiction or the most recent one on connection, or they are commentaries and observations on business-related subjects: governance and leadership, money and sustainability.

Although part of me likes the fact that I don’t need to divide myself up into different pieces when I write, and that I can write what I feel like without having to filter, I suspect the same may not be true of my audience. And I am less and less comfortable with the lawyer label…  Labels are for herb and spice jars, not human beings.

So I am henceforth intending to file posts on Living In Truth (for the more reflective stuff) and on Working in Trust for business-related stuff. Working in Trust is the new charity I formed recently with some friends, to explore radical organisational forms designed for this fragile, exciting, scary, creative, complex and interdependent age.

If you have subscribed to this blog and want to keep hearing from me, do go to one or both of those sites (depending on your interest) and re-subscribe. Tell your friends too, if you like. It has been a fun journey over the last year or so and it wouldn’t have been the same without you  🙂


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