21/01/2013 § Leave a comment

I wrote this a few weeks ago when the rain seemed never-ending.

Rain, rain
I frown “When will it stop?”
I forget how the rain contains life.

The water droplets
have travelled thousands of miles
just to drop themselves
on my roof
on my lawn
on my head.

Thanks to the rain
I won’t dry out.
To dry out is to die.
Yet I rail
against the rain.
And likewise at the clear skies
when it doesn’t rain.

The rain comes,
shares the space
for a while
then moves on.

Do I envy it?
It trusts, it flows
it worries not.

My pain is only from the holding on
to the house, to this body,
to life and certainty
and identity.

My wish on this day
is to lose myself in that flow,
and so to find me, I, THAT.

My true identity.


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