Seeing with love

03/07/2014 § 3 Comments

I have been pondering the different ways we can look at the world, and contrasting a loving look with one where we turn the other into an object,  something separate from us. This poem was the result. I share it with some trepidation – my poet’s ego is still raw and tender and I am nervous of being scorned or laughed at.  And I have taken on a big subject, trying to express the inexpressible – taking a pot shot at the moon, as someone called it. Still, here goes:


When I look with love

I am open, willing to give

and receive,

aware deep inside of my oneness

with this supposed other.


When I look with love

barriers dissolve,

differences become something

to simply gaze at in awe

in no way to be despised

but celebrated, cherished.


When I look with love

I want to ravish and

be ravished,

to join my voice with my beloved’s,

to be truly seen and felt and heard.


When I objectify,

when I look out from this frail vessel

and see an “other”

I am denying my essential nature

which is wholeness,

constant flow,

change, transformation,

life and death simultaneously.


When I see an other, an object

I turn myself into something static,

unmoving, lifeless.

I create boundaries that exist

only in my mind, in my seeing.


When I look with love

I become love,

loving itself in reflection.


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