itinerant lawyer2ABOUT ME: How do you do justice to a life in a few sentences?

I am a father, husband, son, brother, colleague, former corporate lawyer, would-be poet, tree-hugger, businessman, bread-baker, singer (in the shower). whistler and introvert who loves people and plants and life. I think a lot, probably more than is healthy.  I write so that my thoughts can keep moving – by expressing myself, I make space for new thoughts to come in.

I live in the New Forest in southern England, with my wife and son. I love trees.

ABOUT THIS BLOG: For reasons not clear to me, I have been driven for much of my life by a quest for truth and justice.

I am also intrigued by wholeness – the idea, expressed both in modern physics and in ancient mystical traditions, that underlying everything in the universe is one single energy, the Word (in the Bible), Brahman to the Hindus. E=mc2. Some call her God. How do we live if we take wholeness seriously?

Rather to my surprise, in response to what I consider an insane society we live in, I have ended up as a sort of activist, although I rarely go on protests or marches. Instead I like to play with, and share, words, seeking new perspectives that can expose new truths. My sort of activism was beautifully described by Vaclav Havel, the playright, former dissident and eventually president of the Czech Republic. He wrote that those who refuse to submit to an immoral system can choose to live with truth. “Living within the truth”, he writes, “is an attempt to regain control of one’s own sense of responsibility.”  A dissident, or truth-teller, aims to serve life, “to say aloud what they think, to express their solidarity with their fellow citizens, to create as they want and simply to live in harmony with their better self.”

This fits perfectly with my own philosophy. Rather than rant or blame, I seek to explore and to challenge in my quest for truth, and this blog bears witness to my attempts. I look forward to encountering some of you along the way.

OTHER STUFF: Here are some websites which present different aspects of me and my work:

New Forest Advisory; (my advisory service for small businesses – de-mystifying the law)

Humanorganising Co  Working with human potential through individual and organisational transformation.

Riversimple, (eco-car company I am involved with)



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  • Diletta Prando says:

    You are so insightful my dear friend. A revolution of ideas needs to occur on what control and governance need to mean in today”s world….may your ideas be heard.

  • ed says:

    you are not alone. whatever you tried to do in this life will forever remain as your legacy. mistakes made despite purity of intent will be forgiven, I imagine. but have you and I gone far enough? I ask this question of That Which we cannot see, ever around us and within us. is that foolish?! I would ask every person to try it once every morning for a week. answers frequently arrive for me, subtle and quiet as the songs of birds in the still of the morning. I’m not good at it, but it encourages me and inspires me. best to you and your family. may you bless others according to how you have been blessed.

  • […] Patrick Andrews points out, in a blog for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, that the governance processes in our businesses are not designed for systems-thinking and emergence, they have been designed for the Industrial Era, hence left-brain dominance prevails where the rational reductionist mind master’s over the intuitive, relational mind. To Patrick ‘It is time, to start experimenting with the corporate structure.’ As Margaret Wheatley put it, ‘Organisations of all kinds are cluttered with control mechanisms that paralyze employees and leaders alike… We never effectively control people with these systems, but we certainly stop a lot of good work from getting done.’ […]

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